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Civil Work and Contracts

We provide full contracting and construction services in Civil, infrastructure and Turnkey project services. These include
1. Road Works, Gravelling and Grading, Roads rehabilitation and Reconstruction.
2. Construction and/or rehabilitation of water pipelines
3. Construction and/or rehabilitation of irrigation canals
4. Construction and rehabilitation of sewage works
5. Supply, construction, erection, rehabilitation and maintenance of concrete, PVC and pressed steel panel water reservoirs.
6. Erection and equipping of all PVC and steel water tanks with tank stands
7. Manufacture and installation of concrete or steel manholes
8. Precast concrete pump rooms.
9. General building of Town houses, Warehouses, Churches, Stone pitching and gabions and Weirs
10. General Builders Work
11. Excavation and Earth Moving
12. Roads Contractors

Mechanical Engineering Systems and Installations

Our installations in this field are mainly in the mechanical building services engineering. We are capable of designing, supplying, installing, testing and commissioning the following building services.
1. Plumbing, Drainage and Sanitary Fittings installations.
2. Pumps Supply and installations.
3. Steam Services and Condensate Return Systems
4. Thermal insulation and cladding.
5. Distribution Mains for water, gas, steam, compressed air, vacuum and drainage
6. Cold Water services (sourcing, storage, pumping and distribution).
7. Air Compressors and Compressed Air Services
8. Laundry Equipment and Services
9. Kitchen Equipment installation and Services
10. Incinerators
11. Bulk and day fuel tanks for boilers, incinerators, generators
12. Bulk Liquefied petroleum Gas (LPG) tank installation and piped distribution.

Corporate Branding and Marketing Merchandise

Our vision is to make our clients realize true and timely and reliable supplies. To distinguish our product designs through innovation. Inorder to meet the modern innovation required by our customers, Tezlo Trading Limited has established a vast and comprehensive network of suppliers.

The company intends to emerge as the leading provider of unique stationery and marketing materials within East and Central Africa.

To finish our work on time, intact and with correct order as per the design and customer need. To become the leading provider of stationery and marketing related materials in East and Central Africa. To be the center of excellence for providing effective and professionally designed products.

Our products include:

1. Stationery-Executive Pens, Diaries, Organizers, Envelopes, Notebooks, Card Holders, Corporate Folders
2. Corporate Attire-Shirts,T-Shirts,Caps,Jumpers
3. Gifts-Laptop bags, Travel Mugs, Water Bottles, Glass Gifts, Power Banks, Flash Disks

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